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Moleka's "head [is] bent" 29 toward the ground and the scorpion, as though he were in consultation with the animal. She is the prize to a contest for which he is ready to cheat in order to win: He hears voices p. Let her suffer a bit. A central question in the novel: It is interesting that she inherits this talent from her mother: It is a fascinating story which examines how oppression and prejudice are maintained, and how they might be overcome.

Moleka's body language leads us to believe that he converses symbolically with the scorpion upon first entering the room.

Maru Summary

Moleka's behavior is consistent with him having no heart. If one could reunite head with heart in these people, perhaps promoting racism would seem as unreasonable as eating students. She is not personable.

Moleka loves Margaret from the moment he sees her. On the surface, it is just a really enjoyable book. For Maru to be a true leader, he needs to transcend his narrow social order, he needs not to be symbolically integrated into the fabric of his community. Racism would simply cease.

They thought he was dead and would trouble them no more.

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The young Margaret is rejected and even spit upon by her prejudiced classmates, and in her loneliness she turns to the world of her books, thus becoming an excellent student.

While Moleka is "a living dynamo" 70future king "of the African continent" 70this way of being is unfathomable to Maru, "as though shut behind a heavy iron door" This story is told in such a way that we as readers are treated like children, and at the same time is vague and nonspecific much of the time.

He confronts Moleka, starting an argument smacking of a lovers' quarrel. Is it to prove a political point, like her mother. But the community still rejected them. He feels the earth, the air, and the motions of life.

Many see the Cinderella-like relationship between Maru and Margaret, the Tswana prince and the young Bushman woman, as an affirmation of equality along racial, gender, and cultural lines.

However, this is a good choice for literature that gives valuable information and insight into the culture of rural Botswana. Head is ahead of her time in creating strong female characters who assert themselves against both the sexism and classism that exist in their village.

Indeed, from his experience with Margaret, Moleka gains not just love but the ability to love at various levels. Yearning always for Margaret, he marries Dikeledi when she becomes pregnant.

Margaret warms to Maru's "torrential expressions of love" 8a description reminiscent of Moleka, who has become the "thunder-cloud" 27 that carries with it the rain. This love is described as a "nameless terror" 35indicating that Moleka and Maru belong to "opposing kingdoms" Head seems to suggest in Maru that human beings are capable of racism because over time their hearts have come to live separately from themselves.

At first it seems like Maru and Moleka are inseparable, but the arrival of Margaret Cadmore clearly outlines the differences between the two men. Maru and Moleka are both leaders of men and have enormous influence over.

Huma Ibrahim, for instance, believes "that Margaret Cadmore remains the perfect victim of racism and sexism throughout th[e] novel." 2 For Ibrahim, Margaret is only the passive recipient of good will: "surely the nexus of Masarwa struggle is not to accept charity but.

Margaret Mead () Margaret Mead was born on Monday, December 16,at the West Park Hospital in Philadelphia, P.A. Margaret was the first baby to be born in this hospital, and because of this, she felt different from the rest of the children, because they had all been born at home.

out of 5 stars The role of Margaret Cadmore in Maru Maru is rife with commentary on the history of conflict in Africa which stems from european colonialism and the clashes between african cultures in general/5(17).

Maru Summary

Realizing she has failed her, Margaret Cadmore returns to England, leaving a young and newly graduated Margaret behind, encouraging her to stay and help her own people. And so Margaret nervously travels to Dilepe, t o take up a teaching post at Leseding School.5/5(6). In Maru, the first person Margaret Cadmore meets when she goes to teach at the Leseding School in Dilepe village is Dikeledi In Maru, many people in Dilepe village are instigated by Seth and Pete to run the new teacher out of the village, but their plot backfires.

Margaret cadmore
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