My ojt documentation

Created activity sheets for Sunday school.

Restaurant management combines strategic planning, shift pattern organization and day-to-day management activities. I have learned to value the time especially in working because I n reality world of industry time management is the most important to manage by every individual person else nobody would hire you.

Even if redundant code does not have anything to do with documentation, if someone had taken the time to document the code, then someone would have noticed that the function is quite useless in the context of the program, no. Counts and assembles laundered items on cart or linen truck, records amounts of linens and uniforms to fill requisitions, and transports carts to floors.

Lack of idea to be used in creating the layout because it is my first time doing this. First and foremost, my utmost gratitude to my second mom Mrs. Each stay at Regal Business Park Hotel is marked with a service experience that is always pleasant. Keep it clear and concise.

OJT Journal

The Inspectress will often act as a liaison between the guest and the room cleaner. Without your insight or contributions portions of this book may not have been possible.

Hope you guys continue enjoying writing code. The company must hire employees that have background in the business establishment and employees that fit in their position.

Thanks to all my friends for sharing my happiness when starting this project and following with encouragement when it seemed too difficult to be completed. Interviews were easy because employees were nice and generous.

I encountered different kinds of people in my practicum days and this experience helps me a lot to become a better hotelier and restaurateur someday, and those days are really unforgettable. Jim Baker is a great person and a scholar; without him, this book may not have been written.

Most of that work occurred on weekends, nights, while on vacation, and other times inconvenient to my family. Short — order cooks prepare foods in restaurants and coffee shops that emphasize fast service.

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And I am fully aware that I am not perfect and cannot be perfect. Time is very important. Assigned a mobile number for the easy contact of the said participants. We were introduced to all the personnel. A Self-Assessment of On the Job Training Practices July 12, Approved by: AshokG gil, Divisio irector 7 /5 Date 7 13 Date Ron Scholtz, E TD Safet Any OJT training documentation can be uploaded directly into the Activity Hazard Document.

Environmental Energy Technologies Division.

On-the-Job Training

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On-the-Job Training Documents

To jump to the first Ribbon tab use Ctrl+[. Summary of the OJT Training It’s been a month since I started my On-the-Job-Training here at PLDT Las Piñas.

Far from being a student, my daily routine has been changed into something unusual for me. Narrative Report Ojt Essay; Narrative Report Ojt Essay. Words May 11th, 14 Pages. Related Documents. 4th YEAR BSCS ACKNOWLEDGEMENT The trainee would like to thank all people who have helped and inspired me during my on-the-job training.

To the Lord Almighty for the wealth and vitality and for enlightens me to pursue my study.

OJT Reflection Page

Josh Juneau¶. First and foremost, I would like to thank my wife Angela for standing beside me throughout my career and writing this book. She has been my inspiration and motivation for continuing to improve my knowledge and move my career forward.

My ojt documentation
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